Sometimes navigating teenage acne can be quite challenging and it’s a time where we are really not sure how to go about any problems much less skincare and so we were so excited to help Estelle navigate this.

As usual, our first step is to create a skin profile to…

Toners have evolved over the years from astringent alcohol-containing toners to toners that help refresh and treat the skin without making your skin extra dry.

An example of such toners are exfoliating toners.

What is it about exfoliating toners?

Exfoliating toners are toners infused with chemical exfoliants such as alpha…

Have you used any facial massage devices?

Here is what we think, we are pretty sure you must have seen so many skincare enthusiasts use facial massage devices in their skincare routine. It is no lie that so many people are curious about what these devices do for the skin…

Lately, you may have seen the word “zero waste” on your beauty products. Recently a Skincare brand R and R luxury recently repackaged her skincare products to be zero waste and this shows that this skincare trend is growing popular even in Africa.



BARE Skincare

Conversations about skincare and #livinginyourskin

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