Clear Skin Hacks

The first on my list is your diet (yes! We need to watch what we eat…)

It is normal that we lean towards focusing on what goes on to the surface of our skin rather than what we ingest. It is important to understand how your diet affects your skin.

Second, on my list is that you deserve at least 8 hours of sleep.

Not only does a good night’s rest help with stress relief but it may also be your way out to avoid that dull look on your skin we all dread.

Wear Sunscreen Every day. Yes every day, even when you have nowhere to go.

I have become so used to carrying my sunscreen around lately and forgetting to reapply within the day has never skipped me whether the sun is up or the clouds are formed.

Next is changing your pillow and sheet cases.

Next, clean your makeup tools.

Undeniably this is a breeding ground for bacteria and dirt if the necessary precautions are not taken to clean your makeup tools.

Try to stay as updated as possible.

Getting to understand your skin and how to deal with it is definitely not a 9-day wonder. It takes time to figure out. My advice will be never to stop discovering your skin. Give yourself the chance to learn more about your skin and different skincare formulations, by following @barethecommunity on Instagram or Facebook.



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