Estelle and Teenage Acne

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2 min readDec 14, 2020

Sometimes navigating teenage acne can be quite challenging and it’s a time where we are really not sure how to go about any problems much less skincare and so we were so excited to help Estelle navigate this.

As usual, our first step is to create a skin profile to fully understand the situation, using our skin analysis quiz. We used this to get specific details about her concern and get to know her a little better, its personalized skincare, after all, we needed to understand various things, like triggers, allergies and even past products and reactions to them if any and other interesting DIYs that might have happened *side eyes*. Through the analysis, We concluded her skin was Oily skin and the key skin concerns were:

Skin concerns:

  • Whiteheads
  • Hormonal acne
  • Hyperpigmentation
  • Oiliness

The need -

Estelle has the classic case of teenage acne. Her consultation with a skin expert revealed that the hormonal fluctuations trigger excess sebum production that causes acne and leaves post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation. She also has sensitive skin which is key information when making recommendations, which might have been the reason she reacted negatively to most of the products and antibiotics she tried out in the past, its difficult detecting if a person skin might be sensitive but symptoms from past flare-ups and noticing common ingredients in the products that might have caused them helps narrow it down and helps us navigate through the maze of products to determine the safest and effective approach

The Solution

We decided to keep it simple but effective, we recommended cleansing water for her sensitive skin, a BHA alternative cleanser for acne, a toner to balance her skin’s PH, Niacinamide serum to regulate sebum production, a salicylic acid mask for acne, a moisturizer and sunscreen for hydration and protection. Alongside a detailed product regimen plan with guidance as to when to use what and best way to layer products for safe and great results

Client Progress:

Excited about her progress, Improvement in acne and texture.

Estelle has been on this regimen plan for two weeks now, She has seen improvements in acne and texture. Her oil production is also not as severe as before. She is still being consistent with her routine and we’re tracking her progress for the next three months to see more improvements.

As usual stay with us for more updates!

Disclaimer — These recommendations are specific to this person and is not advised to be used without proper guidance from a skin expert.