Ingredient spotlight — Tranaxemic Acid

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2 min readAug 27, 2020

Traditionally, this medication is known to treat heavy bleeding during your period but this ingredient is also now an up-and-coming acid in skincare because of its powerful ability to tackle skin discolourations such as hyperpigmentation and dark spots.

How it Works

Discolouration is simply extra melanin pigment created in particular spots on our face. For melanin to appear on our skin, 2 things happen;

  1. Melanocytes (melanin-making skin cells) create the pigment deep within our skin
  2. The pigment is transferred to our epidermis, where it becomes visible.

Tranexamic acid treats skin discolouration by stopping the two processes above. This means that not only does it treat current skin discolouration, but it also prevents future skin discolouration as well.

Side Effects?

Unlike most acids, it does not make the skin sensitive to the sun. Currently, there are no registered side effects of this acid in skincare and it’s safe to use for most skin types but seeking consultation with a dermatologist is the safest way to ensure this is the right ingredient for you.

Ingredient Pairing:

Tranexamic acid works great alongside antioxidants like Vitamin C which also help fight sun damage that causes discolouration. Of course that means it works well with and boosts the effects of your sunscreen. Finally, it layers well with hyaluronic acid and retinol in a routine.

Avoid using it with multiple acids in the same skincare routine as this will overload your skin and cause extreme dryness and irritation.

Could this be what your skin has been waiting for? Whatsapp our dermatologists to find out how this will work for your skin specifically.

Eunice Asare for Bare.