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2 min readNov 18, 2020

It is not a good idea and here is why,

Sweet almond oil is not good for acne-prone skin because of the following reasons;

Let’s talk a little bit about Omega Fatty acids in the skin. Omega Fatty acids are essential to healthy skin because they serve as the essential building blocks of skin’s surface layers, creating a smoother, more even, younger-looking, and healthier.

There are three omega fatty acids that are very important to the skin of which two omega-3 and Omega -6 are essential fatty acids ( meaning the skin cannot synthesize them)

  • Omega-3 or alpha linoleic acid
  • Omega-6 or Linoleic acid
  • Omega-9 or Oleic acid

Linoleic acid is lighter oil while Oleic acid is a heavier oil

If you have dry skin then chances are you have higher levels of linoleic acid in your skin and less oleic acid and if you have acne-prone skin or oily skin you have more Oleic acid than Linoleic acid. This means that people with acne-prone skin will benefit from topical oils that are rich in Linoleic acid. Almond oil has about 65% Oleic acid in it, which makes it a wrong choice for people with acne-prone skin.

Almond oil has a Comedogenic rating of 2, which means it has a moderately low likelihood of clogging your pores. However, to be on the safer side, acne-prone skin should stick with oils with a Comedogenic rating of 0 to 1.


People with acne-prone skin should go for oils rich in Linoleic acid which they are deficient in as well as oils with very low Comedogenic rating such as