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2 min readFeb 27, 2020

Skincare for dark-skinned individuals or people of color is highly speculative, black consumers spend $1.2 trillion each year in the beauty industry, but are these products specifically formulated for our skin type? Do they address issues directed specifically to our color, its behavior, and needs?

These are the questions we are looking to answer, questions like, how do you know what products to buy when you walk into the store? If we had to guess, you either pick the one closest to you or already pre recommended by a friend whose skin type might be completely different in comparison to yours, also, you have no idea if these products will be effective but you need something so you go ahead and pick it, hoping that you are making the right choice and these products don’t result in even bigger problems.

More interestingly is just how much we spend on products with no assurance that those products are a good idea for your skin type. With 1001 products on the market claiming to tackle various skin concerns, consumers are overwhelmed by the choices available but are still dissatisfied with their eventual product purchase.

Adi + Bolga, a virtual skincare consultation and product recommendation platform using technology and community to gather data, create conversations around the black skin and black skincare while helping consumers make better skincare choices.

With our technology BARE, you have access to a virtual skincare consultation tool helping you diagnose your skin type, connect you with a skin care specialist and the best products for maintaining and achieving healthy skin.

We’re committed to helping people like you achieve happy healthy skin through personalized skin consultation and accurate product recommendations.

We are focused on the specific skincare needs of young, upwardly mobile persons of color who are more beauty and wellness conscious than ever before.

With the wealth of fragmented information available today, we provide tailored, simplified content that addresses the consumer’s needs.

We also foster co-creation and engagement between consumers and brands through insightful conversations that drive trends, demand and product development.

Here’s a chance to be a part of the fastest-growing skincare consultation and education community across Africa.

Join us @barethecommunity on Social Media or get a free skincare consultation and skin tips via our forms or schedule a virtual consult.