Rice in Skincare

BARE Skincare
2 min readSep 11, 2020


Our first thought on rice is usually that it belongs in the kitchen-and our stomachs- but as with a lot of natural ingredients, rice is another staple you should be looking to add to your routine.

Of course we don’t mean straight from the kitchen but through products, where the rice has been refined and its benefits are concentrated and significantly more impactful on your skin. SO although you could use regular rice at home, obtaining it from products is much more hygienic and you’re a lot more likely to see results.

In products, rice is usually included in one of these 2 forms: either as an extract (liquid) or a powder. The extract can be included in almost any product from toners to cleansers whereas the powder is more common in scrubs and masks because of its gritty texture.

Rice is a great source of minerals, antioxidants, and vitamins B&E for your skin and as such with regular use it’s antioxidant nature can help fight sun damage, the vitamins present can help control sebum levels (a hurray for oily skin!) and in the long run, this can help even out any skin discolouration.

What’s more? As a liquid it’s a great way of hydrating the skin (many Asian women swear by this and I think their dreamy skin is more than enough proof that this works, don’t you think?) and the granules of the rice powder are a gentle way of exfoliating your skin (bye bye, dull dead skin).

Unless you’re allergic to rice, using products containing this ingredient is safe for all skin types especially those with dry skin.

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