Skincare’s Hottest New Ingredient!

BARE Skincare
2 min readAug 17, 2020

As more countries legalize cannabis for medicinal use beauty companies, including popular skincare brands Paula’s Choice and Perricone M.D, are also hopping on the trend and using it in skincare products.

Traditionally, Cannabidol (CBD) is known for its nerve-soothing abilities but as more research is being carried out, it’s proving to have powerful medicinal and health benefits, such as halting seizures and stopping migraines.

Alexia Inge, CEO and Co-Founder of the beauty and wellness powerhouse called Cult Beauty says, “One of the reasons the cannabis plant has featured throughout human history is that our bodies have native receptors of cannabinoids especially on the surface of the skin. This makes hemp extracts incredibly bioavailable and instantly absorbed by your skin to start working straight away. Cannabinoids are great for helping heal overly sensitive or inflamed conditions such as eczema, flaking, dry skin or acne,” she says, “But they also make incredible moisturisers for all those with ‘normal’ skin types.”

Does it make you high?

CBD has a non-psychoactive effect, so you don’t need to worry about getting high once you apply. However its sister-ingredient from the cannabis plant called THC does have a psychoactive effect. Although this is very effective medically at stopping seizures, it is not being used in skincare. Typically, cannabis plants high in CBD are called hemp plants. They don’t make you “high.” This is different from cannabis plants high in THC, which are often called marijuana plants, used as a recreational drug.

Note, Hemp oil does not contain CBD or THC. Although they are from the same plant, Hemp oil is just a mixture of fatty acids like palmitic and oleic acid.

Our question to you is, would you try this out?