The Glass Skin Mission!

BARE Skincare
2 min readMar 11, 2020

My goal in life is to get and keep amazing baby-butt-smooth skin, a dream a lot of us have. But if you take a look at my skin it might seem virtually impossible.

When it comes to acne issues, I’ve got almost everything you can think of; I’ve got pimples, billions of bumps, acne scars, large pores, hyper pigmentation, dark spots, the list goes on!

A little background on that; my parents’ wonderful genes that blessed me with the many amazing features that I have, also made me very acne-prone. So from as early as class four I’d been battling acne. Unfortunately for me, being so young and growing up in an African household I didn’t have any way of learning about treatments and products that could help me. I figured I figured it would eventually go away, a thought that my parents constantly backed. Basically, I spent my entire childhood using bathing soap, body lotion and praying that my skin would clear up.

Fast forward through several years of damage to university, when I finally decided to get out there and figure this out. I delved into the deepest parts of youtube, learning as much as I could(and there’s A LOT to learn). I then got on my first ever skincare routine: neutrogena oil-free acne face wash, Vaseline ( I was still learning, don’t judge!), and my life savers; the ordinary salicylic acid and niacinamide serum.

The salicylic acid serum helped get rid of the majority of my active acne and the niacinamide, (swoons♥) which I really love, helped even my skin tone (who doesn’t love a good glow!!) and even balanced my sebum levels. My skin had been changing over the years-from oily to dry to combo- and this was a holy grail! Good thing, because wiping off oil from my face every hour was stressful!

Within three months, my skin drastically changed and that’s when I knew that no matter what, I could get clear skin.

I’m still a long way off but I know it’s possible. I’m going to keep trying and be consistent until I get there. Whoever is reading this, it doesn’t matter how bad you think your face is, treat it right and it’ll thank you for it with a healthy glow.

written by Eunice Asare for Adi+Bolga