• The product is reusable
  • The products can be recycled
  • There is no packaging or no packaging waste.
  • There is an option for a refill of the contents of a product when it has finished.
  • Using fewer skin care products in your routine. DO NOT BUY WHAT YOU DON’T NEED
  • Swapping out single-use beauty products (things you use once and throw away with sustainable alternatives) e.g. face wipes, cotton pad for a washcloth etc.
  • Recycle your empties; so nothing gets thrown away.
  • Use products with eco-friendly ingredients and try to stay away from ingredients that are petrochemicals e.g. mineral oils, paraffin wax, Toluene, Benzene and ingredients preceded by propyl-, butyl- PEG
  • Choosing products with refillable packaging like Fenty Skin. Once you run out of the contents in the package all you need do is to take it back for a refill.



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BARE Skincare

BARE Skincare

Conversations about skincare and #livinginyourskin